Season 1 Episode
Tu vida es mi vida 2024

Tu vida es mi vida

8.06 50 minutes
Paula, a woman who, upon finding out that she suffers from an illness, for which she has 6 to 8 months to live, rethinks her existence and abandons her job as a businesswoman to spend this time with her 3 children. Upon arriving at the town there will be a confrontation between Lorenzo and Pepe's family, a good man with noble feelings who has just asked his wife for a divorce, a selfish woman who is unfaithful to him with Rafa, his own brother. Although the relationship between them begins in a less than cordial manner, Paula and Pepe cannot help but feel attraction for each other. Paula's illness, family secrets from the past, the problems that her children will face, combined with the intrigues of Malena, Pepe's wife, and Rolando, Paula's suitor who, together with Natalia, her partner and supposed best friend, will cause all kinds of conflicts to prevent the union of Paula and Pepe


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